16 April, 2007

May 10

http://www.domestic.fr/ :: s has this incredible vintage forest illusions wallpaper that we have been working to get permanently placed on our living room wall...but at domestic's site they showcase a multitude of wallpaper art that are really graphically beautiful. More simplistic in their designs, but I love the textures they give to living spaces.

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Jen said...

Heya! I was just reading your past blog entries and wanted to tell you that I have some of these wall stickers. The ones I have can be seen here and Urban Outfitters sells some on their website. However, I read a blog post by a webcomic artist who made his own custom wall stickers for his office, so I think I might have to look into that for next time.

What I love about the vinyl stickers is that they are removable and so much easier to deal with than painting. Plus, painting isn't always an option when you rent like I do. :)