29 February, 2012

eat copy.jpg

I met up with a friend at EAT yesterday, and then strolled the neighborhood a bit before heading back to work. I really like afternoons like that --- the kind that break up my work day; we popped into a few of my favorite shops, took in the sunshine, I even remembered to finally pick up the record I had special ordered from the lovely music shop up the street. good stuff.

17 February, 2012



A few snaps I took for Sian and Ollie at the start of the year. Shooting without much natural light available can be so tough, but I really like how these shots came out... they're glowing with warmth. Now if only there were actual snow drifts outside!

16 February, 2012

I posted a new series of Polaroids to my website friends. Feel free to preview them, HERE.

I'm working on putting up a series of polaroid photographs from a cross country trip my friend Jill and I took some 12 year ago, after I graduated from college. I documented our three month road trip on film, and mostly Polaroid film, and I am so glad I did. Keep an eye out for those in the next few days.

I'll be back here tomorrow to share a few photos I took at the beginning of the year.

06 February, 2012


I'm working in my old neighborhood, Logan Square, Chicago this week. And, whoa! lula got a face lift! Everything always changes when you return to your old home... but you know, I'll always have our chicago near and dear to my heart, and I really like that.

03 February, 2012


When time allows I wander about chasing this endless sun. I admit I like this kind of February... it's the most delightfully odd, mild, sunny winter we're having.

kill devil hill / the general store