28 July, 2007


s leaves for the nuffield theatre tomorrow... preparations calming a bit, which is nice. I leave in a little less than two weeks to join him out in England and travel abroad for about three weeks...will be a wonderful vacation away. We are excited, but will most definitely miss our little ones. We have decided on prague, berlin, (maybe vienna), a few days in paris, then brugge and lastly, london. While s is working on his next performance I have a few fun sewing projects in mind to do while he's away. The delight of coming home to their completion will be nice for him, i think.

27 July, 2007

garden update

July 23

Its lovely to go out and see the progress of our mini porch garden day to day. I have to say our tomatoes are growing in abundance this year! We're thrilled, and they're absolutely delicious. Cucumbers have been good, nice and watery, a bit bitter..but in a sandwich with some creamy cheese or dipped in a bit of creamy dressing cuts at the bitterness just perfectly.