16 April, 2007

organic farmers and me

S and I decided the best way to live in the city and eat the yummiest food around was to sign up to a local CSA and get our Organic veggies and fruits delivered to us. So we did! I can't wait for our first delivery. We have our little porch for planting and a few pots full of basils and rosemary, thyme and intend to grow our own organic tomatoes again this summer, maybe even a tomatillo or two, but we certainly can't do it all. We searched the web and S and I found a few places and alas, M's Organic Farm in Woodstock, Illinois makes deliveries right to our neighborhood of Logan Square! Can't beat that, plus they have seasonal recipes to guide you through staying experimental with the foods that are delivered. I'm excited to meet the farmers that grow our foods for us too. This is a first for me, which is really sad if you think about it. All of the foods I have ever eaten, besides the the herbs and one or two tomatoes S and I ate last summmer, have all been store bought... and who knows who grew them or how fresh they really are or how they are really grown. Our inspiration came months ago but other folks are eating only locally grown foods as well, such as colin beavan and his family. I have been reading his blog quite a bit lately. He and his family are living quite extremely, but it's inspirational and interesting to read. I have also been reding up a bit about urban planting at mr. brown thumb's blog. He lives in chicago, too.

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