30 October, 2007


new pillow!

I love my new slippers. I am never taking them off! I sewed a new pillow recently and never posted about it. Poor little guy got neglected. More of this fabric is in tow, so another one of these little pillows will be in the works soon so he has a companion.

22 October, 2007


I have been anxious to get started on crafty projects, but all of this good weather keeps getting in the way, and good books that have me glued to the page. Am thinking this will get me in the mood to start futzing around rather quickly. That, and a quilting project in the works for a new duvet cover.

Really fun. Happy things... Here and here, too.

This looks really fun, too.

11 October, 2007


I love the black squiggles in these... this pairing just makes me happy.

Top: sculpture in the centre pompidou, paris.
bottom: looking up in berlin

Some inspirations here and here! Especially these.

10 October, 2007

two become one

Still looking at film from our time away in europe and seeing something new every time i peek in and scan over film and digital collections. Am loving pairings lately, looking at not just how one image translates on its own, but how another makes the image speak that much louder or make the story have depth, or be more interesting to tell. Also I realize I'm caught up on the smallness of things. If an image is cluttered, I don't see clutter lately. I find myself sinking into subtleties. Concentrating more on shapes, shadows or color. These images here are anything but busy, but I liked these moments and remember them so well. Fleeting moments in a park watching the sun setting in paris and standing, looking and watching patiently.. excited even, to see a storm brewing as seine bits float by in paris.

08 October, 2007

a little play time

July 30

This one loves his bear, and chasing little lights around the apartment. My mother calls them tinker bells.. (i love that she calls them tinker bells).. He chirps at them mostly.. which is one of my favorite noises. Sometimes we break out the flashlight when absolutely necessary. Loving eyes are the best, aren't they?

07 October, 2007


May 16

its nice to have calm after a busy weekend. indian summer still going strong in chicago, in fact feels like june weather.

05 October, 2007

pacific on my mind

oswald silhouettes

Above are some shots from a vacation s and I took out west last summer. For the past two years s and I have ventured out west to visit his sister in portland. We didn't make it out there this summer, with traveling to europe and all, but I am a bit sad about that. Last summer we ventured to seattle and spent a week camping in the olympic peninsula, which was breathtaking. So needless to say, not only am I nostalgic about our time spent out west, scanning film from our travels, but i know i speak for the both of us when i say we can't wait to get back.

01 October, 2007

This recipe is addicting! Thanks, Molly! ..our tomato plants are still flourishing with a few little ones remaining, but we will whip out this pasta dish whenever we are craving sweet, rich tomato flavors in the upcoming months. Of course its not the same, but it'll do. Our CSA share ends next week, but I have to say, we have really enjoyed the tomatoes and cukes that we grew on our very own porch so much more than the ones they grew. Not just because we grew them (definitely a very fun thing, of course)... its just that our tomatoes have been so intensely rich and sweet and dense with saltiness. I've loved every one. Maybe it depends on the type of tomato you grow? I'll have to look into that. Very partial to the ones that are medium to small, bright red and bursting with flavor..opposed to the really large, dull, watery ones. ;)