28 May, 2008

morning fog


fond memories of lovely places that i now go to in my dreams. the sound and oswald beach are such incredible places.

21 May, 2008


I have been looking through old film lately. noticing patterns in my work. collecting. noticing more details. its so nice and so necessary to find time every day to pause and take notice of these things.

camilla posted about noticing a few weeks ago and had lovely things to say.

18 May, 2008

sophik | poster.jpg

a painting i have completed in my studio. puppy eyes are the sweetest but he looks so concerned.

14 May, 2008

little ones..

garlic scape

planting seedlings despite the chill. we have a lot of little plants popping up around here. nurturing flowers and seedlings in the kitchen to keep them warm. seeing lovely patterns everywhere.

12 May, 2008

lunch break.

a wee bite.

Hello. Inspired by findings in the kitchen once again. Only a wee bite left of the chocolate banana bread we love so much, all wrapped up in wax paper and ooking quite precious actually. We always devour the entire loaf in a matter of days. {Recipe here}

10 May, 2008


cherry blossom snow that is. (i loved clumsy bird's description.)

quiet morning at home. coffee in hand. about to head to my studio. good day friends.

06 May, 2008


So nice. Spring is officially here and the warmth is wonderful. i am drawn to these muted natural tones lately... Some of my flickr favorites as of late.. 1. Peri, 2. Wonewoc mirror, 3. curtain, 4. fragile #5, 5. lines, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. cracked, 9. antiquing

03 May, 2008

new space.

June 2

loving my new studio. Just a peep into my work space. There will be more sharing of my studio space and the work that I do.. but for now, just a peep. hope you all are having a lovely saturday.

01 May, 2008


ohayou (means "good morning" in Japanese.) via Hikaru via Elisabeth

more corners at ungtblod.