30 June, 2008

morning still and calm

June 21

I love visiting our plants out on our porch in the morning; eating my breakfast out in the elements and sounds of the neighborhood. Here, our neighbor though briefly disrupted by the phone, is enjoying his scotch.

27 June, 2008

Cannot stop listening to this playlist today. Every song seems perfect and fitting my mood, as i sit here working at home. About to wrap up the day and head to my studio. Breezes coming through the windows are taking my breath away.

I found this little piece of writing that made me smile today. I wrote this while in college in a journal I kept at the time.

'i sat down
to my meal
of tofu vegetables and
couscous and tea...
sitting before me was my
cup of tea.
stirring in the honey
my mind wandered
and i immediately
had such a thirst for something..
something sweet.
i got up from the table
to search the refrigerator
and realized that we had
nothing but milk
and flat soda..
but I couldn't
have milk
cause Matte needs it
for his morning coffee
and besides
the milk would absorb
all of the spicyness
out of my meal...
still searching for something
to drink
I closed the refrigerator
and thought..
a cool glass of water
would be most refreshing
..a glass of water.
..my tea!
and sat down
where I sat before
and drank my tea.

25 June, 2008


June 10

coffee break; tea break.

growing green.

June 11

Our basil sill is back and growing inches every day it seems! Our dill is doing well too! We are growing tomatoes again this year as well (of course!), but no fruit has graced our garden just yet. I cannot wait to indulge in their sweetness for breakfast in the morning!

23 June, 2008

Did i express enough how much I love having my own studio?

Loving the new week and the wonderful warm weather. I feel like I am still catching up a bit from being away, but am looking forward to a busy week in my studio.

Happy summer solstice everyone.

18 June, 2008

another view.

love + miss.

Remembering Paris... above are a few snaps of our flat in Menilmontant.

We've been away for a few days! Catching up a bit today. Wisconsin is drenched and in some spots under water, but we found a wonderfully dry and extremely beautiful spot to spend some time. Will hopefully have some photos to post of the LumbART show that was this past weekend. The show was fun and chock full of fantastic art and music. A really beautiful space.