28 July, 2008

June 3

May 31

June 4

this is me working in my studio and shopping for breakfast at alliance. Ended up with some fresh fruit, croissant and some tea. I did some running around out and about today. i had a really lovely and productive monday. i think mondays are becomming my 'get it done' days. well, except for the monday S and i were camping in wisconsin. that was the start of one of the most relaxing weeks ever. its nice to start off your week in the woods. we need to do that more often.

16 July, 2008

Yes. I think so.

August 22

Thats more like it. I love these summer colors.

12 July, 2008

la push...

rialto beach

Rialto beach.... I cannot wait to see this place again.

08 July, 2008

wee ones...

And yes! we made the pesto. We did use mostly garlic scapes for the pesto, but threw in some lovely home grown basil from our window sill as well. We'll have to be sure to pick up a few big handfuls of them next weekend to experiment. If we get a thunderstorm soon (which we are really hoping for!) and it cools down a bit, I think I'll look into making a garlic scape soup.

06 July, 2008

little beauties

garlic scape

Our farmers market had these in abundance today. i think we will make green garlic pesto with them. They are so beautiful and so delicious.