29 February, 2012

eat copy.jpg

I met up with a friend at EAT yesterday, and then strolled the neighborhood a bit before heading back to work. I really like afternoons like that --- the kind that break up my work day; we popped into a few of my favorite shops, took in the sunshine, I even remembered to finally pick up the record I had special ordered from the lovely music shop up the street. good stuff.


schorlem├Ądchen said...

this photo is magical, i love everything about it and your days sounds pretty good too;)

Lucent Imagery said...

Indeed it sounds lovely. I have just found your blog through the Squam post. You take such beautiful photos. I was in your part of the world in summer 2010, we had a great couple of days in Brooklyn visiting friends.

Jen said...

schorlemaedchen : adore your blog. thank you for stopping by!

Lucent, thank you!