19 January, 2012

August 14

Hi, friends. How are you??

I'm delving into my archives a bit. I've been busy working on some new projects in the new year. I'm really happy to be working with an incredible NFP right here in Brooklyn, and I've been photographing a bit, too! I'll share Sian's feature in the next few weeks.

One of my resolutions is to send more post packages and letters to friends, making it a more diligent part of my everyday and I'm happy to say I've started my new year off right; with bundles and letters to loved ones and hope to keep this going.

Also, I love polaroids and miss this film dearly. I cannot say that enough can I? I'll be updating my new photo website with more polaroid film photographs.

But, for now, I just wanted to say hello!
Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new year.



Tara Thayer said...

happy new year, jen! glad to hear you have some good things in the works. hope to see you not too far into this new year. xo, tara

alexandria said...

Hello to you, Jen! What wonderful projects to hear about and I'm looking forward to seeing more for sure. I love these 3 shots and the calm, natural feeling they evoke.

p.s. I'm so tickled that your card arrived!

Jen said...

i hope to see you soon-ish, too, tara!
I feel like i am still settling into things. It's so strange how a new year always shifts things around a bit.

Nastya said...

the last one looks like a painting, I really like the colors!

whitney said...

I really need to send more packages to friends too. Definitely a goal for the new year.

Happy new year!