06 August, 2011


Today I made a promise to myself to write things down. So much happens in a day here. You know, like :

When I sat down to have a quick grandma slice for lunch the other day, this song by Laura Branigan popped on the radio. And on my way to a meeting at Balthazar a few days ago, I spotted a butterfly flutter past me on the N train and watched as it exited the train at 14th Union Square.

And that's all I can muster about this past week.


Days are infused with so much --- comparable to the amount I would experience in a week's worth of time in Chicago, I feel. I sometimes ask myself, “Am I o.k. with this pace?”. I run around a lot more. We run off to meet up with friends in other neighborhoods a lot more. Sometimes it feels exhausting, this new pace, or maybe I'm just aging myself. Or maybe I'm just really busy right now.


I love that the constant movement still makes me feel overwhelmed; all of this sensory overload of people everywhere and activity. I don't want to loose that sense of awe about it. I am relieved when I return to our apartment; the calm of our neighborhood feels like home. And I just don't want to forget all the little moments that make my days my own.


tara thayer said...

i love every word of this, jen. every image.

jen said...

you are sweet to check in here, tara. thank you.