05 August, 2011





The eagle street rooftop farm in my neighborhood is three years young, but has a fire under it's belly. I wandered there early last Sunday morning to chat with the volunteers. They serve a handful of chefs in and around Brooklyn and it sounds like the list is growing! The Eagle Street salad at (my new office) Champion coffee is so nice --- the ingredients differ every day but it's always huge and tasty. I've also enjoyed their bounty at Eat, Marlow and Sons, Sprizenhaus and their lettuce greens in Eastern District's yummy sandwiches in combination with their perfect cheeses, is a match made in heaven, friends.

I love our neighborhood.

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Jay said...

Nice! Rooftop gardens seem like so much fun. I want to check one out at some point. Right now I have space in my backyard and my parents grow tons of stuff - tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, you name it. I love it being able to just pick something from my backyard :)