22 September, 2007

on my shelf...

eat. shop. paris: the indispensible guide to stylishly unique, locally owned eating and shopping (researched by jon hart, edited by kai wellman). very informative guide to the secret spots of parisian shopping and dining. favorites included but were not limited to :: rose bakery (montmarte), l'as du fallafel (marais), celis (marais), cuisinophile (marais) and port de vanve flea market in the 15th arr.
designers are wankers by neville brody
muji catalogue
cabinet magazine
both by tom gauld and simone lia
the incredible book eating boy by oliver jeffers

I've been digging into the pile lately... the more recent addition to the pile on our shelves that is. Getting inspiration from here and there.. and just about inundating myself with cute illustrations and goofy comics to well written autobiographical books on owning a business... to other more photographic inspired places. Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

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