07 September, 2007


May 17

The walk is an occasion of limited vulnerability. I offer myself to unpredictable occurences and impingements. The world flows past my body, which may block, pleasurably or uncomfortably, some sudden cometary intrusion and create a situation...Raising the stakes, the world on a walk engenders the mental polarity of critical thinking all the way to wonderment"

quote from "The Walk: Notes on a Romantic Image" by Jeffrey C. Robinson

On our ventures we did so much walking! It was so wonderful exploring all of these places on foot. There is much to be said about walking.. expanding the sense of time, each step elongating the experience. Moving fast is overrated. Walking slowly was wonderful.

Looking forward to the 5th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago from September 15-16 on Division between Damen and Wood this weekend.

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