22 September, 2007



.. basking in the sun on the window sill where it lay, remaining so still.. untouched and practically going unnoticed.. not even the kitties noticed. or maybe they did and just kept it to themselves.


leslie said...

it will! it'll grow!

thank you so much for the lovely and encouraging words on my blog earlier, i really needed it : )

Kablammie said...

I love the idea of your cats noticing, but keeping it a secret. Those kitties have very busy inner lives!

Sophik said...

Kablammie -- Oh.. we sure do miss you!! ..those kitties, they have lots of secrets. Buster always trys to tell us whats going on, talking up a storm. We really wish we knew what he was saying! ; )

leslie - i am so glad you are feeling better!

Sarah said...

Isn't life amazing :)