15 April, 2007

My newest venture... fabric hunting.

June 15

I have decided in the midst of my learning to knit and playing with patterns and forms and certain project functions that i would start to play with other objects and materials. I have a bit of a crafty itch lately. S bought me this beautiful Singer Sewing machine for the holidays and a few beautiful items to hold my tools in while i travel and work. Needless to say I've been thinking a lot about what projects I wanted to do with my sewing machine and not doing much doing. So finally i am getting started! Well, at least I have my fabrics ordered. Not quite the forms of expression I am used to but i think better. I feel more comfortable letting the patterns of fabrics and shapes of sewn objects and hand sewn textures tell me about each piece I create rather than deciding it's destination and planning for it much like i used to do with my illustrations and drawings. Yes free form sewing and pattern making i think. So I'm just getting started...and I'll keep you posted as I graduate into a full fledged sewer. But for now if anyone out there has any tips to share with a newbee please feel free!

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