20 September, 2012

Dear friends,

I'm home from my travels and I am happy to begin to share my film with you.


I have just begun to scan film from my time spent on the road this summer, and will share my travels with you soon, but today I am popping into this space to share a few of my photographs from Squam.


Last week I attended Squam Art Workshops in gorgeous Holderness, New Hampshire, where I taught two six hour photography workshops to a handful of really lovely ladies.



above polaroid of kayte terry looking on to NH from Squam

I'm still holding onto the goodness of that time.


Be back soon with a few thoughts and more photos. Promise.



Alana said...

Wow that looks so nice. I would love to do a workshop like that :)

MJ said...

These photos are so lovely and I can't wait to see more. It was wonderful to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day learning from you about photography/polaroids/mamiya, as well as getting to know our fellow Squammies!!
cheers and thank you so much!

amy gretchen said...

can't wait to see the rest. beautiful memories. xo