21 October, 2011


Just a few polaroid images I've taken at home recently. I miss shooting polaroid so much and when we moved, I re-discovered a few land cameras stored in one of our closets; we haven't used them in who-knows-how-long!.. so I'm crossing fingers the focus isn't kaput on both. The focus on our 420 seems a little wonky, but I'll check out my 340 soon; hoping to fall in love with polaroid all over again, and FP100c film is really helping.

** amended to add : This is such a great read.

I especially love this bit, when asked what her ideal morning scenario would be: 

“I would take a walk and hopefully end up in a place with an outdoor table. I would have my sketchbook with me so I could draw my breakfast. And hopefully there would be really, really good coffee. And no music except for classical music. But mostly the sounds of the day beginning and the clink of silverware and the murmur of conversation.”  --Maira Kalman

I'll share more photos from Graz next week.

Happy weekend, friends.


420 polaroid land camera; FP100C film


alexandria said...

These are so beautiful. My fingers are crossed for you too with the cameras. I think one of my land camera's focus is almost gone, but I'm stubborn and use it every so often.

I'm terribly excited to read over the article you shared...Maira Kalman!

Jen said...

a, thank you! i hope the article made you smile, too. i loved the bliss bit about sitting in a cafe and drawing her breakfast...that's all i did in england this time last year. I hope you had a lovely weekend. x