10 July, 2011



Before Stephen and I flew to Brooklyn to find our new home, we lounged in
Millennium Park for a free Bonnie Prince Billy concert, which was out of this world. He was brilliant that night; a perfect summer evening in chicago.

Our June was hectic; full of trips to and from chicago to new york and then packing and sorting and then doing the most incredible purge of our lives, it seems... which really still feels so incredible -- we had put off a good purge for years!

We've been in our new home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a week now and every day I feel like we fall in love with our new neighborhood more and more. There is much more to say and share, but I'll leave you on this note for now.

Excited to show you our new home!



Astrid said...

Such exciting times for you! And I'm so glad to see your photos again. So, so beautiful - as always!

Jen said...

Thank you so much, Astrid! Hugs to you, sweetie. xo