14 May, 2011

August 27

I love the diners around Chicago. A few Autumns ago I took a few photos of us enjoying a quiet lunch at The Golden Apple, one of our favorite spots, as a treat in the midst of a busy work-week.


The light is incredible in here during the autumn months.

Makes me a bit nostalgic for my youth --- those weekends spent at the local rollerskating rink with groups of friends for parties, etc. or bowling, even; this photograph kind-of makes me want to put on a pair of tube socks and a visor and throw a few gutter balls. I'm pretty sure it's those awesome lights glowing in the background and the flavor of that perfect malted that takes me back to those places.

I had a hankering for pancakes and bacon this morning, so off to the Golden Apple we went. It's an excellent greasy spoon dive, and hands down, one of the best I'd ever been to.

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