05 March, 2009

August 27

It has been a bit of time in coming but the sophik shop has launched and is open for business. I think I'll have another malt and fries to celebrate.

It is a gorgeous day in chicago. I feel spring peaking around the corner. Soon will be time to plant seeds! I will be off on a walk in a short while, taking in this incredible day.. so on that note, here is a bit of Robert Walser for you:

"As far as I can remember as I write this down, I found myself, as I walked into the open, bright, and cheerful street, in a romantically adventurous state of mind, which pleased me profoundly. The morning world spread out before my eyes appeared as beautiful to me as if I saw it for the first time. Everything I saw made upon me a delightful impression of friendliness, of goodness, and of youth. I quickly forgot that up in my room I had only just a moment before been brooding gloomily over a blank sheet of paper. All sorrow, all pain, and all grave thoughts were as vanished, although I vividly sensed a certain seriousness, a tone, still before me and behind me. I was tense with eager expectation of whatever might encounter me or cross my way on my walk. My steps were measured and calm, and, as far as I know, I presented, as I went on my way, a fairly dignified appearance."

Above is an excerpt from Robert Walser's The Walk.

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