06 March, 2009

August 20

Going for walks is incredible this time of year. It may be my favorite transition...winter to spring. Everything is refreshed and rejuvenated; the air is perfectly crisp, the light is still a magical wintery blue at dusk and you can go without hat and coat and mittens. I love layers, and this time of year is suited perfectly for just the right amount of layers without it feeling too much.

I had a lovely busy day today but was glad I was still able to head out for a walk and take in the beginnings of spring.

Thank you to all who have made purchases in my shop – you know who you are :)

As a Shop Opening Celebration I will be sending off a special surprise gift to the first 25 people who make a purchase in my shop.... and I think you will enjoy my surprise!

Happy weekend all.

Above is a photo I took this afternoon, in my many layers, enjoying the beginnings of spring.

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