10 December, 2008

holding on

tate trees

charming lancashire

These photos above were taken just days ago, no more than weeks ago in England, so I am not too completely out of step. Though, this will sadly be my last autumn post of the year.

Those tate trees still have me charmed. This photo magnifies my memory of them. I admit my memory always serves me best when I close my eyes and imagine them, in the chill of London's winter, walking past them in a bit of a rush to the tate, with s, to meet with friends, the warm tea cupped in my hands at the cafe, the dimness of Rothko's red room, Cildo Meireles's many rooms and the many details within. Its all there when I close my eyes. Im glad I took the tate trees home with me though. I think they are worth staring at and admiring as well.

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