08 December, 2008

s and I had a very fun late night out with friends in Clerkenwell, London last saturday night, but we are so glad we peeled ourselves out of bed in time to head down to the Borough Market Sunday morning to enjoy the most delicious montgomery cheddar, leek and scallion toasty we have ever tasted. I think I can speak for s when I say we will both be having dreams about that toasty for some time to come. And who said there was anything wrong with indulging in mulled wine before breakfast? The Borough Market was a feast for all senses. I couldn't help but stop to taste the cheeses at every turn, attracting me with their pungent aromas and in fact finding them all with my nose. I would grab a few curds for s and me to try and force feed him cheese samples walking from one crowded corner to the next with my constant and only response from him being a huge grin. For a couple of vegetarians we were seriously tempted to dive into a sausage, they looked and smelled so good.

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