10 October, 2007

two become one

Still looking at film from our time away in europe and seeing something new every time i peek in and scan over film and digital collections. Am loving pairings lately, looking at not just how one image translates on its own, but how another makes the image speak that much louder or make the story have depth, or be more interesting to tell. Also I realize I'm caught up on the smallness of things. If an image is cluttered, I don't see clutter lately. I find myself sinking into subtleties. Concentrating more on shapes, shadows or color. These images here are anything but busy, but I liked these moments and remember them so well. Fleeting moments in a park watching the sun setting in paris and standing, looking and watching patiently.. excited even, to see a storm brewing as seine bits float by in paris.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures, the colours are just lovely. I love looking at little details lately, its just turning autumn here and the range of colours of the leaves amaze me ever year

Sophik said...

thank you for your comments, sarah!.. autumn is perfect for looking at the little details, indeedy.. :)