19 December, 2011


I delight in our dear friend Lin’s exclamation, “cookie madness!” in response to the bundle of cookies we gifted them last year.

I baked over 10 dozen cookies this weekend (definitely cookie madness!).

These cookies are becoming my holiday tradition. (Heidi, you’re a genius) We love them. I’m a huge fan of a spicy/savory cookie. (Ideally, nothing too terribly sweet) And so, I’ve conjured up a new cookie recipe this year to accompany Heidi’s ginger gems, inspired by these lovely darlings. They’re perfect.


alexandria said...

This photo is so amazing. Thank you for the heads up on the recipes. I have been wanting to bake something soon...this looks like just the thing.

cynthia said...

like a painting. gorgeous. had to come all the dang way over from flickr to comment.