18 October, 2011


my guy is flown to some cool places sometimes and when I’m able to join him he is usually pretty busy doing work, but I love the moments when I get him all to myself. Even if it’s just to share a bit of time over coffee for a few minutes.

The quiet moments when I'm not really doing anything at all are my favorites. Like when I’m futzing about our room after a long afternoon nap and take a picture looking out of our hotel window.


And then turn to do the same of our mussy bed. Because these are the moments worth really remembering I think.  

A new lovely view. Someone will come to make the bed. No kitty litter to tend to. No laundry to do. And another lovely coffee waiting for me just around the corner...


mamiya c3 tlr; 120 portra 160

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Julia said...

this sounds perfectly dreamy.