29 October, 2011


I'm missing my Chicago something fierce today. Can you believe it is snowing in Brooklyn? I can't believe it.

It's 54ºF and sunny in our ol' 60647 right now.

For me nothing beats Chicago's golden-autumn light; the leaves on trees outside our flat in brooklyn were just beginning to change to a lovely shade of yellow, not unlike that glowing yellow up there in the polaroid I took in Chicago this time last year.

Right now those leaves are soaked with the cold snow that has fallen, and so I'm definitely feeling a bit robbed of autumn.

While I wait in anticipation for Brooklyn to warm up a bit, I'm baking a lovely tart and throwing together a hearty batch of soup.

So what-say-you, dearest Brooklyn? Let's rewind a bit.



1 comment:

Jay said...

I agree, it's too soon for snow. It's like the weather decided nope, we're skipping right to winter.