14 October, 2011






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i love markets. The images above were photographed at the Dolac Market in Zagreb a few weeks ago.

Dolac is eighty years old and counting. Farmers from surrounding villages come to sell their home-made and home-grown specialties.

A must see if you're in Zagreb: Butchers and old ladies selling their rakia, sir i vrhinje, chesses and creams, you name it.. and you'll definitely find some of the freshest fruit and vegetables you've quite possibly ever tasted. The ribarnica fish market sells fresh seafood every day but Monday. And be sure to look for the bargain lunches offered at little spots surrounding the market stalls.

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mamiya c3 tlr; 120 kodak portra 400, 160


Sewon said...

It looks like a really good market! I love market stall food, especially ones with good freshly sliced cheese/ham sandwiches.

hiki said...

what lovely colours! i opened your blog with tired and sleepy eyes (it's morning here in tokyo) and your photos made me smile. thank you :)