18 August, 2011


I've been glued to the computer more days than I wish to admit lately, but Stephen has been making us healthy salads to eat, which helps me feel more present in Summer. He made a salad the other night (from Gourmet's limited edition quick recipe zine from December 2010) with feta, and tomatoes, red onion, black eyed peas.... hearty, delicious, fresh. Perfect. A hunk of bread sopped up the remains of the dressing, which was made up mostly of fresh tomato juices..... summer magic.

Below is another one of those perfect salads. I was introduced to it just a few days ago, at Eat.

We were on our way to meet up with a good friend for a few drinks and well, after peeling myself away from the computer for the first time all day, I knew I needed a nice meal, (or really wanted one). So I wandered off to find myself a quick bite... and Lo! Eat was still open! And sure enough, a quick bite soon turned into a stolen evening; just me and my journal, a lovely peach gazpacho and this perfect, little salad.

I think the rare combination of ingredients really does it for me, with this one. There are hints of the season in every bite; the dill along with a beautifully aged, soft cow's milk cheese (which adds a creaminess) combined with cool chunks of honeydew, cantaloupe, fresh corn and cucumber make it a sweet, hearty and savory salad all at once. I love the subtle spiciness from the finely chopped leeks, and tangy-ness from a small squeeze of fresh lime, too. Stephen likens it to a dessert salad, but I think it would be a perfect accompaniment to any meal, or even as a meal in itself; but especially for right now ---- while the corn is still fresh and the melons ripe.

Summer Corn & Melon Salad with Dill
inspired by the lovely salad at Eat

1 small to medium honeydew (cut into 1 inch pieces)
1 small to medium cantaloupe (cut into 1 inch pieces)
a handful of dill (roughly chopped)
4 ears of raw corn (cut lengthwise from the cob)
1 large cucumber (peeled, de-seeded & sliced into 1 inch pieces)
1 medium sized leek (white and light green parts finely sliced)
A few smallish chunks of fresh, soft cow's milk cheese (like dorset or mettowee)
salt and a tiny bit of black pepper to taste. (You may not want black pepper here at all though. I would taste before you put any!)
1 quarter of one lime for squeezing (optional)

To make, combine all ingredients in a large bowl. With adding the cheese, I would use your fingers and gently massage the cheese into all the ingredients until dissolved and you are left with more of a milky dressing and the fruit looks a bit more opaque in color. I think I would also let it all hang out in the bowl for a good 10 to 20 minutes or so before diving in.

. . . . . . .

mamiya c3 tlr; 120 kodak portra 160

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Jay said...

I need to go try Eat at some point. I love discovering new places to eat in Brooklyn.