13 July, 2011

thoughts on brooklyn

This is my mommom in her new kitchen. She's a Jersey girl (as is my mother)... but before she lived in Jersey, she lived in Brooklyn.

My great-grandparents (my mommom's parents) owned a Candy Store in Brooklyn during the roaring twenties, and during what I imagine to be the prime of their lives. Thoughts of them weigh heavily when I wander these streets and I feel like I'm tapping into something I never knew before.

It is really nice being closer to family, here, too and by family I also refer to those wonderful friends who feel like family... and we have so many of those incredible people here.

I've had a fun first few weeks here. (makes me a bit dizzy just thinking about it all.) I've been in town for nearly two weeks and already have a few photo shoots under my belt. (I'll be telling you more about this in the weeks to come.) But for now I'll offer you a little outtake below of a cutie I met last week.




claire said...

it all sounds amazing. so happy you are settling in so well.

Jen said...

claire, thank you. (for checking into my wee little blog) sending you big, big hugs. xo