18 July, 2009

July 19

This past September we took a train and ferry ride from Zagreb and ventured eastward to an island in the adriatic sea. Tomorrow, we head northward for a camping adventure and ferry ride to an island getaway on the other side of the lake. :) I love ferry rides and camping adventures. I really cannot wait to set up camp on the sandy beaches.. dive into the chilly water by day and fill my lungs with the salty, crisp lake breezes by night. I baked a lemon almond blueberry crumble, daily granola and lemon blueberry muffins along with preparing vegetables to have with a handful of our highly anticipated campfire meals. Today I will be making a hearty batch of this soup to pack in our two thermoses.. because really, there is nothing like soup when you're camping, hot or cold. This particular island only allows travel by foot. No bikes or cars allowed, which will be a wonderful departure from our bustling city life.

Above is a snap I took on film while vacationing in Komiza, Croatia this past September.

See you back in this space in about a week, friends. xx

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