17 March, 2009

March 15

March 16

Above: looking out on lake michigan on march 15 and the landscape in my apartment march 16.

... It was a landscape exquisite beyond compare. In this prolonged avenue one was quite overcome, so singular was it, so beautifully haloed and touched around with the gold of sundown; the beauty of it even made one a bit frightened. The avenue turned me into a diffident little boy–whether that's possible or not. The lake and the entire world, this high dome where all things are, stood calm and still, no noise, no breeze passed by, it was like a song, it was like a gentle, solemn, joyful song worshiping creation, in beauty indescribable, and I'm trying here to convey it, as the painter tried to deal with the lake raked by the wind ...

The above excerpt is from Speaking to the Rose by Robert Walser.

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