27 June, 2008

Cannot stop listening to this playlist today. Every song seems perfect and fitting my mood, as i sit here working at home. About to wrap up the day and head to my studio. Breezes coming through the windows are taking my breath away.

I found this little piece of writing that made me smile today. I wrote this while in college in a journal I kept at the time.

'i sat down
to my meal
of tofu vegetables and
couscous and tea...
sitting before me was my
cup of tea.
stirring in the honey
my mind wandered
and i immediately
had such a thirst for something..
something sweet.
i got up from the table
to search the refrigerator
and realized that we had
nothing but milk
and flat soda..
but I couldn't
have milk
cause Matte needs it
for his morning coffee
and besides
the milk would absorb
all of the spicyness
out of my meal...
still searching for something
to drink
I closed the refrigerator
and thought..
a cool glass of water
would be most refreshing
..a glass of water.
..my tea!
and sat down
where I sat before
and drank my tea.

1 comment:

Malin said...

Love it of course! I love everything you do! :-)
Hope all is good and can't wait to see u soon!