20 April, 2007

my knitting projects...

I've been experimenting a bit with my knitting lately. A project I have yet to complete is my second attempt at a scarf for s.. hopefully I will have it to him by the time winter comes around next year! I wanted to do something with stripes and I wanted it to look like the yarn had been recycled. I know there is a great recycled yarn by Knit one crochet two called second time cotton, that's really actually very beautiful..but Ive had the toughest time trying to find it in chicago. Actually one of the best tips I ever received, from the owner of a knit shop here in town called knit1, was to go to thrift store and buy a used sweater or two and rip it out and reuse the yarn. Of course you would have to prep it by drenching the yarn in water and leaving it to hang dry so it wasn't terribly awful to work with but I thought that idea was just brilliant. The perfect rainy day project.

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